Federal Criminal Defense

Phoenix S. Ayotte is not taking on any new paid federal criminal defense cases at this time, although she continues to serve on the federal court-appointed attorney list and represent indigent accused individuals. 

Her career background includes representation on some of the most high-profile federal cases in Virginia and nationally, including charges of:

- Terrorism

- Organized Crime

- Drug Distribution and Conspiracy

- Counterfeiting

- Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Mail Fraud, False Statements

- Illegal Possession and Use of Firearms and Other Weapons

- Kidnapping, Extortion, Robbery, Attempted Murder, Murder, Human Trafficking


We are a Virginia-based law firm with nationwide clients. Phoenix Ayotte, Esq., and her team are admitted federally in multiple jurisdictions including federal administrative bodies, and are ready to represent you where you need it.


We want to get you the best result possible in your legal matter. You want transparency about your legal bills. Rest assured, we communicate clearly and extensively about the finances of legal representation and offer different levels of service to fit everyone's resources.