Cases of Note

  • DUI- Clearance Reinstated

    April 2018

    Client - a civilian employee of our military- was convicted of a DUI while holding a security clearance. Later, he was accused of violating the terms and conditions of his probation. This led to an immediate revocation of his clearance via a Statement of Reasons. He retained Ms. Ayotte for his ca... Read On

  • Foreign Influence- Eligibility granted

    January 2019

    In a foreign influence case where client was upgrading the clearance from one level to the next, client's security clearance was suspended due to family ties and activities. After a full hearing before DOHA, and after waiting more than six months for a decision, the DOHA granted eligibility for a... Read On

  • Foreign Influence- Clearance Reinstated

    March 2019

    Client's Department of Defense security clearance was revoked due to foreign influence concerns because he was sponsoring and marrying a foreign national. In this case, Ms. Ayotte and her client took a true team-based approach and submitted a great package to the Consolidated Adjudications Facili... Read On

  • Jury Trial- Not Guilty

    The professional strength of Mrs. Phoenix Harris and Mr. William Brock's legal expertise was proven with their superb persistence in my criminal case. This legal team is very knowledgeable with just the right amount of determination to find justice for their client. They know how to move around t... Read On


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