Cases of Note

Jury Trial- Not Guilty

The professional strength of Mrs. Phoenix Harris and Mr. William Brock's legal expertise was proven with their superb persistence in my criminal case. This legal team is very knowledgeable with just the right amount of determination to find justice for their client. They know how to move around the courtroom by filing the proper motions, open arguments are on point, their analysis of witness testimony and strategic cross-examination is mind-blowing and their closing arguments provide the jury with the tools of law they need to come back with a not guilty verdict. Mrs. Harris and Mr. Brock's courtroom strategy is highly proficient and well respected amongst their peers and clients. I have retained Mrs. Phoenix Harris to represent me in the past and she has always proven a not guilty verdict. 

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Phoenix Ayotte

Phoenix S. Ayotte of Ayotte Law, LLC, is currently a solo attorney who previously built a successful high-profile firm in Alexandria, Virginia. She is a Washingtonian Magazine Top Lawyer, Top 40 Under 40, and SuperLawyers Rising Star. She was born in Florida and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  Afte...


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