Very Complicated Clearance Case

I had a very complicated clearance case and had contacted several other prominent firms. Upon our first consult, I knew Phoenix was simply the best lawyer I could have fighting for me. She is very professional, quick to the point (time is money, and she wasted none of my time), knowledgeable, and most of all she is ethical and very aggressive. I worked hard to produce the items she directed me to get, and Phoenix and her team got to work setting things straight.As she guided me through the process, I realized there is simply no way I would have been able to navigate my way through the situation on my own.

If I could only give two pieces of advice to someone experiencing clearance issues, it would be 1. get legal representation. your chances of success will drop significantly if you don't. 2. go with Phoenix. she will fight hard for you, won't waste your time, and charges fair prices. At some point, you have to ask yourself how much is clearing your good name worth? I promise you won't go wrong with Phoenix. she cleared my case within record time (really-it was absolutely record time) and I was back to work with minimal disruption. truly, I can't say enough about how hard Phoenix and her whole team advocated for me. I hope I never have to hire another attorney...however if I do, I'll definitely be asking Phoenix to represent me!

– Anonymous


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